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Can you tell us more about your involvement with Code?

Mark Waldrep

If this is just a regular DVD-Video disc with standard 96 kHz/24-bit PCM audio...then why is it being marketed/promoted as something completely new....with a strange name and lots of mystery. Labels have done this before and many still are...including my label AIX Records.

Christopher Herot

Mark, as you point out we have made use of widely available formats, such as regular DVD-Video discs and standard 96/24 PCM audio, but employ them along with aesthetic and ethical choices that use those formats to their full potential. We are not trying to be mysterious. We are in the very beginning stages of this project. Each album release will be customized.

Like any respected brand, ΧΟΔΕ is intended to assure the purchaser that the highest care was taken in the production of the music and that the music is delivered in a set of formats that take the maximum advantage of the listener's equipment. As we deliver more music in ΧΟΔΕ and as we exploit the results of our research into quality music production and delivery, the meaning of the brand should become more apparent.

By the way, I agree wholeheartedly with your article, CDs Are Not HD. It's that same sentiment that motivates our work on ΧΟΔΕ.

Steve Clay

Thanks for the clear info on ΧΟΔΕ. Most articles I could find about it made it sound like a new proprietary codec.

By the way, I would hope that, since ΧΟΔΕ already seems based on existing codecs, that the format will not be encumbered by another layer of licensing (above that of mp3s) just to produce similar-structured discs. My hope is that ΧΟΔΕ will become a well-documented de facto guideline for releasing music; one that any label (or artist) could follow to release an album.

As someone who agrees that we need listener-friendly multi-format discs, I'm glad the idea is picking up some steam, and 24/96 DVD is definitely the way to go.


Thank you for the clear explanation. My question is if you can fit roughly 17 songs on a CD, how many songs will fit on this DVD? What are the file sizes? Are a few songs going to completely fill up my hard drive?

thrill seeker

I aqree that ΧΟΔΕ is a musical experience for the listener but I would like to see a few improvements to the clarity.

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