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Thanks Chris! I appreciate your overview of the participants and a quick sense of what I've been missing (schedule conflicts. Argh.) I can't wait til June to try again. Bobbie, kudos to you for such a wonderful idea and successful execution.

I've been working with the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium team on our own event, slated for May 20th at MIT/Cambridge. Many of the companies represented at MassInno have so much to add, especially wrt how information, technology, and solutions can positively impact today's organizations. Newly launched, leading edge, these organizations can offer incredibly valuable experience in driving and delivering change. So to any of you CIO-types out there (and esp those from the companies launching at MassInno), check out www.mitcio.com and join us. We can learn a lot from you! Special rates are available if you contact me directly at melindamoses@gmail.com.

But mostly, keep on rockin' at MassInno and the blogging community. What a great service you're providing, and thanks again Chris. See you soon!

Melinda Moses
social and strategic marketing/community developer, MSM Strategic Marketing & Partner Dynamics
Co-Chair, partnerships and online community, MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

Ben Jiang

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Ben Jiang

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