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Chandra Bajpai

Chris, you probably don't remember me, but I interviewed with you.

IMHO, I think Boston based VCs have got to take some chances on something else other than enterprise infrastructure plays. We need to find and nurture the next Google(s) if Boston is going to be relevent on the web startup scene. Startups bring so many benefits besides jobs - they bring an ecosystem that create more startups. We lost with Facebook, but lets not lose the next one.



This Boston v. Silicon Valley argument has been going on for quite a while. It's pretty clear to me that both locations have large startup hubs. http://www.startupwarrior.com makes this pretty clear.

Christopher Herot

There was a panel session on this last week at Berkman (after the non-compete panel) at which Paul Maeder presented some statistics that showed Boston was a healthy source of startups. I hope to be able to get copies of his slides. If so, I'll post some of the numbers he cited.

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