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The Palm Pre Plus (Verizon) is worth consideration too, especially with built-in wi-fi (which you can use for your iTouch, iPad, or anything else that uses wi-fi). Recently reduced to $30. http://reviews.cnet.com/smartphones/palm-pre-plus-verizon/4505-6452_7-33941250.html


Really, the feature I'm waiting for with bated breath is none of the above -- it's the remote intents. My understanding is that the cloud will be able to send "intents" to the phone: not just messages, but the ability to activate apps on the phone with those messages. Tricky to get right (especially in terms of security), but if they do get it right, the potential is really quite fabulous: it could provide a level of integration that the iPhone currently can barely dream about.

The simple example I saw was the ability to look up a route in the more-powerful desktop Google Maps, and just squirt it right over to the phone for navigating: basic, but gets the idea across...

Christopher Herot

The Android Cloud to Device Messaging Framework is included in this release. In Vic Gundotra's talk he used the example you gave of sending directions from Google Maps to the phone.

google android developer

They aren't trying to beat the iPhone right now. They are just announcing a platform; it's ok if it is a little dweeby and not that impressive of a video. It's just trying to give developers an idea of what the SDK is capable of. These devices aren't going to be coming out for a year so I think it's a little premature to right them off today because of a lousy dev video.

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