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Rob Freedman

Hi Chris, Greetings from the era of Arch Mach Grp. I remember the Seek project, as well as that intoxicating early version of video Space War, that comprised two spaceships (simple cursors) that you could fly around on a green, pre-GUI screen, around a central dot that exerted gravitational force on the cursors as they shot bullets at each other. People staying up until 4AM entranced, either playing or watching (like my 14-yr-old does now). That was such a great time.

I recall we worked on a short film together for Ed Pincus's documentary class, too, didn't we? About Armando, the owner of the Royal Pizza Shop in Central Square? I think we did.

Your Facebook picture looks great! I think we spoke briefly at the 2007 (2002?) class reunion. Hope we may be in touch again some time soon.

Warmest regards,
Rob Freedman

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