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Steve Stein

OK, I think with this post, the underpants gnome meme has jumped the shark. In the example given, the ??? is obvious and might even be plausible - SELL WIDGET. This may indeed lead to Profit!, and is the way most actual business plans boil down, depending upon the plausibility of selling the Widget in question.

At least it's more plausible than the business plans of many website-based business plans, where the widget in question is often imaginary.


The quality of medical care in Florida is the primary responsibility of our medical doctors (MDs) and the educational mandate for our state's medical schools. This is a big issue for those MDs who specialize in the medical and surgical practice of ophthalmology. It should equally be a big concern to the citizens of our state. If we permit our legislators to expand, by legislative fiat rather than education accomplishment, those professionals who can legally treat medical diseases, it portends inferior care. When applied to non MDs, such as optometrists, naturopaths, ARNPs, psychologists and pharmacists, more concern for the quality of health care clearly lies ahead. Perhaps, the focus for our legislators should be the quality of medical care, rather than the dollars available to them from the political action committees.

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